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ART Accessories

For quality accessories designed to protect and expand the uses of our laser products, contact us for standard or customized accessories to match your application requirements  For rapid response, please email or call us with your enquiries.

Accessories :

  • Mine mounting hardware for SLX-635P, SLX-635S, SLM-635S, SLM-515S
  • Mine mounting hardware for BLX-635S, BLX-515S long range lasers
  • String hangers for all lasers
  • Laser mounts with clamps, fine horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  • Line generating optics
  • Right angle generating optics (90 degrees +/- 1 arcsecond, 110 degrees +/- 1 arcsecond)

 BLX-XY2  HangBLX515  HangSLM635

Custom Accessories :

Applied Resolution Technologies does its own manufacturing and development, and has significant prototyping and manufacturing facilities to create whatever is required to meet your application needs.


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  IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification.

 Choice of Red or Green Lasers.