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ART Research & Development

ART is a high technology company with a strong commitment towards the products that we manufacture. We therefore listen to our customers and are continually researching and developing new applications for our products.

We combine an extensive prototyping facility, incorporating CNC machines and various forms of microprocessor and electronic development resources, to provide complete design and development expertise for mining, food, forensic, environmental and industrial applications. Our laser and sensor resources cover the UV, VIS and NIR spectral regions extensively.

Being fully qualified in the sciences, combined with decades of experience in special product and application development, ART can provide that expertise in spectroscopy, opto-electronics, laser applications, measurement and monitoring that is very difficult to find. From measurement of impurities in toughened glass, to separation of precious minerals, to vehicle wheel alignment applications and special forensic tasks, our expertise is likely to offer solutions to your challenges in a very cost-effective manner.

We welcome input from Industry leaders and perspective customers.



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  IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification.

 Choice of Red or Green Lasers.