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Applied Resolution Technologies is the Trading Name for JATCO (Australia) Pty Ltd. We have been involved in the laser applications industry since 1991, meeting the needs of clients in a vast range of industries.

Our expertise is supported by substantial development facilities, including our own in-house manufacturing. We also provide consulting services based on our extensive expertise and experience in the laser industry, and provide Laser Safety Training to assist our clients meet their Workplace Health and Safety obligations.

Applied Resolution Technologies was based in Adelaide for 12 years until 2003, then in Perth (Western Australia) until late in 2011. We are now based in Yamba, Northern New South Wales. From here, we serve our primary markets efficiently in laser applications in mining, agriculture, heavy industry and medicine.

Our business meets the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, being audited annually to meet our IECEx Certification for the manufacture of products for hazardous environments.

At Applied Resolution Technologies our expertise lies in combining laser technologies, mechanical and optical design, electronic functionality and safe application features into products that meet the requirements of our clients. Your company does not need to develop this expertise because we already have the experience and reputation to get the job done with laser application products.

Applied Resolution Technologies leads the way in the design, development, manufacturing and application of Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) laser technologies. When it comes to superior technology, application development, understanding of what is really involved in IECEx Certification, and development of innovative application ideas for the laser products we manufacture, you cannot beat talking directly to the people who design, manufacture and Certify the equipment. Can you?

The ART products, which are all manufactured in-house, include intrinsically safe underground mining laser equipment, standard laser modules for alignment and process development, customized laser application units and customized sensors. Our products are suitable for use in hazardous environments such as :

  • Underground coal mines
  • Oil refineries, oil rigs
  • processing plants
  • Gas refineries and pipelines
  • printing industries
  • Hospital operating theatres
  • Aircraft refuelling facilities
  • Surface coating industries
  • Paint manufacturers
  • Sewerage treatment works
  • Grain handling and storage facilities
  • Sugar refineries
  • Distilleries


Our activities have established a wide variety of laser, sensor, power supply and mechanical modules which can be integrated into client systems to meet custom or OEM requirements. Applications may be mining, oil/gas, forensics, medical sensing, use in hazardous environments......wherever a laser can be applied.

It is important for us to provide rapid development services for products and accessories, unique in design and function and developed to a specification to meet the challenges faced by our customers. At ART, we continually research and improve upon our current product range to address the changing environment in applications and customer requirements.

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Lot 521 Sullivans Road

Phone: 02 6645 8868

Mobile: 0407 542 440

  IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification.

 Choice of Red or Green Lasers.