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Hazardous environments where there are mixtures of explosive gases and/ or dusts present challenging parameters for specialized equipment. The equipment either needs to be intrinsically safe, or if this is not possible, then it needs to be enclosed in an explosion-proof housing.

Intrinsically safe products are certified as such because they inherently will not cause any source of heat or spark under even the worst case failure mode. The products are designed to ensure limitations on power available, and encapsulating components whose potential for heat in failure mode could potentially cause an ignition source.

Those laser-related products that cannot be satisfactorily protected by Intrinsic Safety means must be housed in explosion-proof housings. Any potential for ignition source is then contained in a certified environment.

Applied Resolution Technologies develops and manufactures products conforming with both intrinsically safe and explosion proof requirements under IEC 60079:2011. Under our IECEx Certification, we understand the factors required to provide application-based laser modules to tackle challenges in your environment.


Applied Resolution Technologies leads the way with innovation, forward thinking, application development and technology inclusion in our laser products.  Automation-ready, longer range, more reliable and modern technologies.......just some of the advantages of using products manufactured by Applied Resolution Technologies, apart from the fact that you can deal deal directly with the professionals who design, develop and manufacture the products.  ART is also a Certified Repair Facility, so you can be assured that your products are serviced, maintained and repaired according to the same exacting requirements as the manufacture process.  Our laser range covers models apprpriate for short range (< 120m), long range (< 700m), in both red (635nm) and green (515nm), with fixed or removable battery systems, and with a variety of battery options.  Our new lasers also include special modulation features for addition of automation sensing, and marry to a number of mounting and adjustment options. 

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