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Conveyor Alignment Laser


Alignment of conveyors is an important function. Tons of ore or product along a conveyor can consume a lot of excess energy if the conveyor system is not straight, or not on a constant (or level) slope. Those small inconsistencies in a conveyor can cost a lot of extra energy, and increase maintenance dramatically. Breakdowns cost money and time.  Getting it straight, getting those rollers level, and ensuring idlers are perpendicular to the conveyor travel can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance.

Applied Resolution Technologies has simple solutions. A laser that will cover several hundred metres. No sagging stringlines. A sensor that detects to the centre of the laser. A mirror assembly that allows the idlers to be checked square to the conveyor travel. The laser options to achieve this task can suit any environment :

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CLX Rotating laser System : For getting conveyors straight

Rotating laser system to +/- 500 metres                                   KIT SYSTEM

Convey3  RotatingRedLaserKit


  • Intrinsically Safe (for coal conveyor alignment)
  • 1milliWatt, red Class 2 (to 150 metres)
  • 5 milliWatts, 635nm red Class 2M (to 700 metres)
  • 1 milliWatt, 515nm green Class 2 (to 150 metres)
  • 5 milliWatts 515nm green Class 2M (to 700 metres)


BLM Laser System : For straightness, and constant slope/level


BLX Laser system : For Hazardous Environment (coal, oil/gas) alignment and constant slope/level



VLX Theodolite System: For straightness setting

Rotating laser systems to +/- 500 metres


  • : South ET-02 supplied as a standard.  These are professional quality theodolites
  • : +/- 2 arcsec, 45mm objective, 30x magnification
  • : Dual face LCD, alkaline battery pack, rechargeable battery pack and adaptor
  • : Hard plastic carry case
  • : Standard tribrach tripod mount.

Laser unit :

  • : replaces theodolite telescope
  • : Calibrated to meet theodolite optical axis in both directions
  • : Lasers removable, battery powered or powered from theodolite supply (red only)
  • : Class 2 visible laser, or Class 2M visible laser


  • : Handheld, battery operated with audible and LCD alignment indications
  • : 1-5 mm accuracy over sensing range to the centre of the laser beam



  • Conveyor belt alignment
  • Roadworks, linemarking
  • Fencing and vineyard alignment
  • Automatic post-hole digging and alignment
  • Industrial flooring layout
  • siteworks






VLX-635 Laser Theodolite