Applied Resolution Technologies

SLX-515S Green Intrinsically Safe laser system

The SLX-635P "pencil laser" has been used in hazardous workplaces for many years, but until now has only been available with a red laser output. Now due to advancements in semiconductor laser chip technology, we are able to offer the same great tough little product with a green laser output.

Why is green better?

  • 5x more visible than red lasers
  • even more visible to those who are colour-blind
  • Beams are visible through the air under low ambient light conditions, making a safe visible string-line

The SLX-515S requires more voltage, so we have explored the options. Lithium batteries offer higher voltage, but not the lifetime required for use in undergrouind mining. So we have tested and optimized the configuration using the same Certified batteries that we supply for he SLX-635P and SLX-635S laser products. This requires 5 x AA cells, therefore the product has been extended to incorporate the three extra cells using the same switches and facilities of the SLX series products. This is the optimum in terms of battery life and cost. With the added benefit of the shape and features of the SLX-635P, so you can use your existing mounts and adjustment facilities. But we also offer the SLM-515S, basically the same product but with a battery module that is removable in explosive atmospheres.

Greenred SLX515S1

The SLX-515S is also available in a single piece housing (SLX-515S1) which also uses the SLX series switches and optical accessories.

This product is Certified under IECEx SIM 13.0005 as a Class 2 laser, < 1mW using 5 x Panasonic AA Cells. This product, as with all ART products, is backed up by IECEx SIM S0003 Certified Repair Facility and NSW Mine Safety Registration MLA131657.