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APPLIED RESOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES manufactures special laser systems for tough applications. We offer solutions, not just laser beams.


Our range of IECEx Certified laser systems include the following :

  • Class 2 short range lasers (< 150m)
  • Class 2M long range lasers (< 700m)
  • in either RED (635nm) or GREEN (515nm) direct diode systems. No unstable green lasers here.
  • Batteries Inclusive of product, or battery modules removable
  • Modulation features for sensor lockin, automation
  • Various mounting and adjustment options
  • ?



The same quality laser alignment and guidance systems may be used in any mining application.  Although our lasers are IECEx Certified, they are equally beneficial in general applciations where their superior beams, battery options and rugged symmetrical designs provide many advantages.

Our laser untis can be :

  • Mounted on mine walls
  • Mounted in theodolite systems in place of the telescope
  •  Mounted on steel wall plates using our magnetic attachment




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  IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification.

 Choice of Red or Green Lasers.

VLX-635 Laser Theodolite