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SLX-635P IS laser

The SLX-635P is a small Intrinsically Safe laser. It is rugged, simple to use, and provides a coaxially aligned beam for alignment applications in hazardous environments. This product is IECEx Certified under IECEx SIM 13.0005, previously under IECEx SIM 09.0005. Products are fully supported under our new Certification IECEx SIM 13.0005.

Manufactured in Australia for the past 23 years for the Coal Mining Industry, the SLX-635P has been constructed with solid Ni plated Brass enabling permanent safety information labeling. These lasers have been the standard alignment tool used in underground coal mines in Australia since their initial approvals.




  • Less than 1mW output at 635nm, for usage up to 100mtrs.
  • Miniature laser control circuits using potted and encased
    surface mount technology
  • Hexagonal shape for simple beam alignment check using body geometry in the field
  • Simple rotary on/off switch with nylon-tipped set screw lock to prevent removal underground
  • Magnetically coupled removable heads allow switching between the protective window, a line generating optic, or a right angle-generating prism assembly.
  • Automatically power-controlled to remain within the Class 2 Laser safety guidelines irrespective of battery condition.
  • Spirit level for crude levelling when external level references are not available
  • Intrinsically Safe fusing and high temperature encapsulation
  • Isolated laser diode component
  • Protective laser lens output window head, with magnetic attachment and securing set screw
  • Embedded NiFeB magnets for simple attachment to fixtures underground
  • Unique Automatic Power Control - laser power regulation based on
    proprietary circuitry
  • Rotary switch also functions as battery access
  • Long battery life - 2 x IS Approved AA Batteries
  • 25mm Hexagonal Diameter x 165mm Long
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia to the stringent requirements of IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-11.
  • Full back-up service and repair available at our Certified Repair Facility, ensuring your work-place safety is considered at all times.
  • Lasers can be serviced and re-certified to IEC 60079-19 Standards, for continuous use in hazardous environments

Certification Details:

  • Group: I / II B
  • Type of Protection: Ex ia
  • Temperature Classification: 136 Deg C
  • Degree of Ingress Protection: IP54

Certificate of Compliance

Repair Facility Certification

User Manual

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