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Applied Resolution Technologies leads the field in fencing and vineyard alignment laser systems. We develop special systems, and our competitors follow our lead.

See demonstrations of fencing alignment on  Another demonstration is at

The laser theodolite systems manufactured by ART allow a two-man operation to be performed by a SINGLE PERSON.  Simply set up the theodlite, aim the telescope, and get busy working to the laser beam.  You do not need to be a qualified surveyor to achieve precision site set-out and facility alignment. The VLX system is available in either a red beam or a green beam, and consists of :


  • A precise economical theodolite with 2" (arcsecond) precision.
  • An integrated rotating laser module with thermal and motor jamb protection
  • Laser calibrated to the theodolite optical axis in forward direction
  • Laser specially compensated and calibrated for alignment to the theodolite axis in the reverse direction
  • Alignment of the laser to theodolite within 5mm per 100 metres
  • Detection using handheld laser receiver to 500 metres in both forward and rear directions


Vineyard2  VLX-5152sml  VLX-6351sml




VLX-635 Laser Theodolite