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Long range fencing alignment involves first setting out the fencing, then installing posts, then the fence itself.

See the following YouTube links for Straight Alignment, and for Straight/level alignment.

See demonstrations of fencing alignment on  .  Another demonstration is at

Getting it right in each step keeps the neighbors happy.

Using a laser theodolite system for site set-out is the perfect solution.  The laser is aligned to the theodolite axis, and is sensed using a hand-held laser receiver to detect the centre of the laser beam.  Available in either green or red output. The product is also available for long-range level/slope alignment qith the telescope replaced by a long range alignment laser.

South1  VLX-5152sml  TLX-635sml

  •  Handheld laser receiver
  • Laser sun-shade to prolong laser life
  • remote battery modules available (at time of order) to prolong theodolite battery
  • remote battery modules allow changing of batteries without disturbing alignment.

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  IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification.

 Choice of Red or Green Lasers.


VLX-635 Laser Theodolite