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Conveyor alignment is critical for reducing maintenance and running costs on systems that move enormous loads.  Getting your product from point A to point B means you can deliver it to your customers.  When a conveyor fails due to lack of maintenance, your cash stops.

Alignment of conveyor systems is critical to reduce friction and therefore wear and running costs.  Getting them straight is often the main task, but sometimes getting them level or constant slope is also required.  Alignment of boot ends, idlers and rollers is the key element to reduction of bearing wear.

Download the NEW CLX-635T brochure here.

ART offers a numerous solutions for conveyor alignment, depending on your requirements and the layout of your system.  Our kit products provide for :

  • long or short range alignment
  • rotating laser unit (undulating terrain) or spot laser (constant slope or gradient)
  • green or red laser
  • magnetic mounting options, customized solutions available
  • laser sensor/receiver/target options
  • Standard use or Ex Hazardous environment (IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe)


  • Coal Conveyor Alignment
  • Getting conveyors straight
  • Alignment of idlers and rollers
  • Level or constant slope systems


RotatingRedLaserKit   SpoRedLongEx

Magnetically attached rotating laser alignment system.  Quick release magnetic attachment allows the system to be used against most infrastructure.  Remote battery unit allows the batteries to be changed without disturbing the laser alignment.  The adjustment mount allows the laser to be tilted (to provide vertical reference) or adjusted to be parallel to the conveyor.  A handheld laser recveiver with millimetre measurement resolution allows the conveyor alignment to be confirmed to within 5mm over the entire laser range (+/- 500 metres),  Contact us for laser receiver options.


BLXconv3  Intrinsically Safe system for coal conveyor alignment

  Theodolite2 Various systems useful for conveyor alignment.