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ART Spare Parts

At Applied Resolution Technologies we always have your user-replaceable spare parts or consumables in stock.  For quick delivery on approved and certified parts, contact us now.


Spare parts include :

  • Certified AAA batteries for SLX-635P and SLX-635S
  • Certified D-Cell batteries for BLX-635 tunnel lasers
  • BLX-635B spare battery packs for the BLX-635 tunnel lasers
  • Nylon tipped screws for retaining SLX-635P switches
  • Replacement switches for SLX-635P and BLX-635 lasers
  • Thread protecting covers for BLX-635B (Battery pack) and BLX-635L (laser head)
  • Window heads for SLX-635P
  • Line generators for SLX-635P
  • Right angle beam generators for SLX-635P lasers

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