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Applied Resolution Technologies has a vast range of products that have been developed specifically for underground coal mining, where products are used in a hazardous environment and Intrinsic Safety or Explosion-Proofing is required.  Our systems are used for continuous miner guidance, setting 90 degree and 70 degree cut-through, and coal conveyor alignment.  ART is also adding new accessories for Intrinsically Safe optical fibre testing.  Contact us for details.


ART's IECEx Certified products meet the requirements for hazardous zone application, and have been developed to provide cost-savings at the coal-face by including IS removable battery modules, and the best battery lifetimes of ANY IS laser product.  Our green laser technology has been introduced more than two years before any other laser supplier, due to our advanced technical development and knowledge of the techology field in which we operate.


ART IECEx Certified products include :

  • Medium Range guidance lasers  < 100m (SLX/SLM series)
  • Long range guidance lasers - up to 1km (BLX series)
  • Both red and green lasers
  • Fixed or IS removable battery modules ** can be exchanged in ERZ
  • String and Roof Mounting and adjustment systems
  • Prisms for splitting the beam path 90 degrees or 70 degrees\
  • Carriage and Storage accessories

Our IECEx Certification is always current.  Check Certification on