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BLX-635S Tunnel Laser



Intrinsically Safe lasers are VERY important to underground coal mining and oil/gas applications.  Not only in the specifications and the suitability for purpose, but also support.  Applied Resolution Technologies is the owner of its IECEx Certification.  ART is also a Certified Repair Facility.  ART supports every single IS laser it has ever manufactured, and ensures that Certification covers service and support for EVERY PRODUCT.

Our competitors have a habit of selling products, then jumping to new manufacturers and leaving you in the dark with service and support when they feel the urge.  That is because they are product resellers.  Simple sales people who have no loyalty to manufacturers and also to you, the customer.  They don't care too much for support after they sell you the product.  Their motivation is sales only.

Applied Resolution Technologies stands by the products we manufacture.  That is why we have been manufacturing the SLX-635P in Australia since 1994.  We still manufacture, service and support this product despite malicious reports by our competitors that the product has been discontinued. The only discontinuation we have undertaken is the poor representation of our products by a company who don't care about their suppliers, their customers, and their responsibilities to support Certified products that they sell.   

The BLX-635S laser is a culmination of two decades of evolution.  The BLX-635S provides the best laser power, the best distance performance, the best battery efficieny and life, and the very best in support.  With customer-selected options of accessories and battery modules, the BLX-635S is the ultimate in Intrinsically Safe laser systems for underground coal mining and the oil & gas sector.

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Some facilities have issues with visibility of red lasers.  ART now offers a green version of the BLX system, the BLX-515S.  This system requires higher voltages than the BLX-635S, a natural requirement of direct green laser technology.  But the performance of the beam is matched to the BLX-635S representing the ultimate in green laser long distance IS systems.

The BLX-515S is a new release product for underground coal mining and hazardous area use which sets new standards in laser alignment. The BLX-515S emits a HIGHLY visible GREEN laser beam which is a Class 2M output, useful over several hundred metres.

The product uses 6 x C-Cell or 6 x D-cell batteries, with the laser aligned precisely to the hexagonal laser head geometry. The new -S models include an automation-enabling modulation that provides special signals embedded on the laser beam to be decoded by sensor systems.

The advantages of the removable battery packs are that the laser does not need to be taken to a safe zone to change the batteries. Although there is a slight reduction in battery life due to the Intrinsically Safe means inside the battery system, the advantages of not having to reset the laser are savings in time, and money.

   BLXhead3  BLX635S2    BLX6352



  • 5mW at 635nm RED laser output beam for usage in excess of 500 mtrs
  • 20mm Diameter Beam
  • Miniature laser control circuits (10.5mm diameter) using potted and encased
    surface mount technology
  • Separate battery and laser sections
  • Simple rotary on/off switch with nylon-tipped set screw lock to prevent removal
  • Power-controlled to remain within the Class 2M Laser safety guidelines irrespective of battery condition.
  • Intrinsically Safe fusing and high temperature encapsulation
  • Isolated laser diode component
  • Protective laser output window
  • Rotary switch doubles as battery access for 5 or 6 approved C-cell or D-cell batteries
  • Unique Automatic Power Control - laser power regulation based on
    proprietary circuitry
  • >200 hour battery pack for use over a number of shifts without any battery changing required
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia to the stringent requirements of IEC 60079-11:2011
  • Full back-up service and repair available at our Certified Repair Facility, ensuring your work-place safety is considered at all times.
  • Lasers can be serviced and re-certified to IEC 60079-19:2011 standards, for further use in hazardous environments
  • Compatible mounting and adjustment accessories : based on standard Surveyors accessori9es

Certification Details: (Currently under Test and Certification)

  • Group: I / II B
  • Type of Protection: Ex ia
  • Temperature Classification: 136 Deg C
  • Degree of Ingress Protection: IP54

IECEx SIM 13.0005 Certification

Repair Facility Certification

User Manual

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