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Aligning pulleys is aided using a laser unit attached to the rim of the major pulley.  A simple rotation provides a laser spot that is offset from the secondary pulley.  Using magnetically attached guages allows the alignment, offset, tilt and anglular displacement of one pulley to another to be established simply.

The ART laser systems provide simple modular means for pulley alignment.  Magnetically attached laser systems whose beam centre is adjusted with precision to the highly symmetrtic body axis of the laser unit itself allows user-confirmation that the laser unit is precisely aligned to itself.  Magnetic attachment to pulleys, or to special jigs defined by the pulley configuration, permits the laser to emit its beam parallel to the pulley rim, and therefore perpendicular to the pulley axis.

Alignment jigs defined using the same geometric displacement of the laser beam from the primary pulley rim allows the secondary pulley to be aligned precisely.