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Applied Resolution Technologies has been developing and manufacturing OEM and special laser products for over 21 years. Our activities normally provide solutions for which there are not existing consumer products available. Our expertise lies in laser and opto-electronic developments, including microprocessor and sensor development.

Our signature products include intrinsically safe mining laser alignment equipment, standard laser modules for alignment and process development, and customised laser application systems and sensors. If your company has an application which can be addressed using laser technologies, ART is certainly the right company to explore development and OEM manufacture.

ART has made a significant commitment to manufacture and develop intrinsically safe laser units and continues this development towards using the lasers for guided automation underground.  Our Intrinsically Safe, IECEx Certified laser product range sets the bench-marks across all platforms for tunneling, mining and industrial alignment systems.

  Our laser may also be used in conventional applications, with the assurance that they are tough, safe and robust.  ART products also include special alignment and survey systems for special applications.  Alignment of vineyards, fencing and fixtures performed by the VLX-635 product. 

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