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Using Lasers Safely

Lasers have been a large part of our lives and industry for a few decades now. Yet, many do not understand what lasers are and how safe or dangerous they may be.  There are several standards that go into extensive detail about laser safety and establishing how protection measures shall be used. We can quote these Standards, but many have not read them and many would not comprehend the terminology.

In this section, we simplify laser safety discussions for the purposes of the applications where the products that we manufacture are used.  Refer to the associated sections.


  • IEC 60825:1 Generally this is the base standard for laser safety classification.
  • IEC 60825:2 This standard is currently under review for fiber optic classification and requirements.
  • AS2397 (2015) A specific guideline for Australia, towards distilling the safety information for the building and construction industry.

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