Traci is the future of contact tracing and workforce protection.

The COVID Pandemic has seen a tsunami of innovation towards providing contact tracing and social-distancing solutions.    

Some of the solutions have been re-tasked from asset-tracking devices and applications, and many have been integrated into data management solutions using the latest IoT technologies.  

  • Traci™ was developed as a contact tracing solution that alleviates the security, speed and versatility aspects of other devices.  Rather than re-tasking a BLE device from asset tracking, Applied Resolution Technologies has developed the most ideal solution from the ground up to meet the challenges of contact tracing.

Traci™ is secure with encryption, Traci™ does not use any personal information or geolocation, Traci™ acquires close contacts on the timescale of viral transmission.

  • Traci™ uses low level LoRa (TM) RF technology to advertise its presence.
  • Traci™ then listens for any immediate responses from nearby Traci™ devices and records any within close enough range to be a close contact.
  • Traci™ then listens for any other Traci™ probe pulses, and responds with its serial number if within close contact range.


  • Traci can be used in folded format for wearables, or flat as a card.
  • Traci has rechargeable batteries and a simple magnetic USB connection for charging.
  • Traci can record multiple contacts simultaneously, and adapts to over-socializing events by recording contacts and hibernating to save power.
  • Traci is versatile, using LoRa(TM) low level RF for contact tracing at the lowest available power, yet can morph directly into a device that sends data using LoRaWAN.
  • Traci Venue systems have optional peripherals, such as LIDAR, CO2 monitoring, and other sensors, to assist in room occupation determination and facility management.

traci videos : how we do things

Shows how we have established a contact tracing field trial base.


How do i use traci?

Traci is a Patented IoT platform designed to provide contact tracing and management of workplace data to minimize the impact of disease outbreak.  The platform of products and applications provides an elegant transformative system operated as wearable systems for contact tracing by the workforce and clients within a workplace or venue.  These individual wearables interact with fixed-location, venue-based contact tracing systems (with optional peripherals for facility management), which also have embedded LoRaWAN for communication of data to private or public LoRaWAN Gateways.


The Traci system is scalable, over any size of facility, so that staff, client and facility activity data can be contact traced rapidly in the event of an internal or external threat of contamination. Easily compatible with internal data management  or platform provider solutions.