Traci IoT Applications

Traci is a highly developed series of platforms for using IoT in complex applications.

Traci IoT Applications

Traci was born from developments of long-range, low energy networks for automation and sensing, aimed at the underground mining industry.  Traci uses LoRa-based RF for establishing communications between devices.

In 2020, Traci was pivoted towards a complete contact tracing solution to assist with COVID.  The system for contact tracing was completely established but never implemented.

In 2021, Traci was re-tasked towards mining applications. While LoRa-based RF provides low energy, very long-range communications between sensors and end points, many of our clients use primary WiFi for devices.   In 2022, we established a very low energy form of WiFi to run in place of, and perhaps in parallel to, the Traci platform for underground sensing and automation.   


In 2023, we are advancing our low energy, long range developments towards smart, mesh-networked sensing and automation of numerous sensors towards automation of laser and other semiconductor sensors.

  • Traci™ was developed as a long-range, low energy communication solution for transferring small data packets.  To cater for interfacing with existing technologies, Applied Resolution Technologies is combining the original Traci platform with more conventionally used WiFi, to offer longer range capabilities to use in conjunction with more conventional existing technologies.  Our WiFi solutions use ESP-NOW as low energy WiFi applications with longer range than conventional WiFi, while maintaining connectivity to user-based WiFi access points.
  • The Traci system will combine low energy, long range RF solutions to communicate instructions to numerous sensors, and return data to central control facilities.  


The Traci system will include a combination of smart IoT-based technologies, connected to various sensors and measurement instruments in hazardous environments, to provide easily implementable networks of sensors over long distances with minimal requirement for hard facility installation.  

With both LoRa-based and WiFi-based  RF technologies being used broadly for low energy, long range communications, the Traci system combines the advantages of both technologies using their most basic forms of small packet communications in mesh network configurations.  By implementing an adaptive set of technologies, the Traci system is intended to integrate with technologies that vary from site to site.

An integral part of these developments is establishing IECEx Certified sensors and measurement instruments that are energy efficient, intrinsically safe, robust enough for the environments in which they are used, and certified accordingly.

The technology is being developed so that it is expandable with new types of sensors as they evolve.