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Applied Resolution Technologies (ART), based in Australia, specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of industrial sensors and specialized laser application products.  ART has been proudly supplying premium solutions to global industry for 30 years, curating a long catalogue of ground-breaking products and solutions that establish our ability to bring Australian innovation to the world. All our products are developed in-house, manufactured on site, and distributed direct from our facilities to clients.


ART has established a unique set of capabilities throughout its history.  Our Trading Name says what we do…. we apply technology to achieve resolutions to applied challenges.  ART does not manufacture me-too products.  We think and work outside the square, but our solutions are timeless.  Our very first product developed in 1993, the SL-635P pocket laser spirit level, has evolved in size and materials and internal design, but is still desired in application markets to this day based on the innovative designs that were Patented way back then.  The solution is simple, tough, and it just works.


We continue to apply these principles to the challenges we are resolving today.

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Veterinary Laser Therapy


A novel approach to laser therapy.  Add diagnostics to Laser Therapy.


Latest Blog

  •    Many low-roof mining facilities like to use string mounts for mounting guidance lasers.  Because we manufacture the lasers, we prefer to also manufacture the mounting systems. ART has embarked on a mission to establish a modular FRAS plastic string mount that will mount the...

  • Providing removable Intrinsically Safe IECEx Certified battery modules for guidance laser systems in underground coal mining allows the battery system to be exchanged with a freshly loaded one without removing the entire alignment laser assembly. Instead of being a huge task of removal and re-alignment,...

  • smART Laser Therapy Systems Applied Resolution Technologies is pleased to announce that the smart Laser Therapy systems for Veterinary use are available from August 14th, 2018.  The systems are available in 3 kit configurations : smART Laser Therapy only, with laser, tablet, reference book  and...